Specified non-profit organization, Vision K Quantum Leap . Academy

We have initiated in earnest in the spring of 2015 the specified nonprofit organization, Vision K Quantum Leap . Academy.
Presently such key words as 「esthetics」,「therapy」, 「natural foods」are being used in the unprecedented health boom witnessed in Japan, but it is a recognized fact that 「the degree of interest in body and soul and health」of staff providing such services is still very low.
This is where we at VK.QLA believe it is of the utmost importance to establish an environment propitious to attain the 「 good」of the World through tangible contact and experience with first-class people or attending heir lectures, a service that cannot be offered by usual culture schools.
This NPO’s key word is to provide a chance to discover the「the real thing」.
One basic element of President Kyoka Kanayama’s philosophy is that over 90% of humans are educated according to their environment.
We endeavor to help many people to attain a truly rich and healthy life through lectures by「first-class」specialists in fields contributing to people’s rich lives.
Through its activities this NPO intends to further many people’s social standing through a rational education and offer them the opportunity to discover「the real thing」.

Kyouka Kanayama’s personal history

  • Born in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Graduated from Shizuoka University Education Faculty Kindergarten, Elementary School and Junior High school.
  • Graduated from Keio Senior High school.
  • Graduated from Keio University Commerce Faculty.
  • University graduation: active as a business executive in her own father’s company. Moved to the United States to research contemporary art in New York to further her network and knowledge in the world of modern art. Sudden return to Japan upon her father’s death. Took over her father’s company and enterprises.
  • Some time in 1993 entered the training in transcendental meditation to deepen her research on the then explored spiritual world. Later traveled to Thailand from time to time to further her training.
  • Underwent the teaching of self-defense techniques under the guidance of the monks of Shingonshuuomuro School. Started her pilgrimage to 48 different hallowed grounds in Japan and the Island of Shikoku. Was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Awarded 「Honorary social psychology PhD」by Cheonan University in South Korea. (Cheonan University became Baekseok University in 2006).
  • Supervised「Ureshiraku-Kai」in Aoyama, Tokyo.
  • Bachelor enrolment at Keio University Literature faculty. (retired after 3 years)
  • Published 「Re-Born」
  • Held 「flowers Kanayama Kyouka Aesthetics World SPECIAL EXHIBITION」.
  • Main Personality at SBS Shizuoka Broadcast 「Dreamer The Dreams of Adult People」. (until 2008).
  • Released Amurita 「Giame」Perfume. Debut Party held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
  • Supervised Salon de Kyouka.
  • 「Giame」&「Arati」Perfumes individual sessions for celebrities.
  • Introduced Kanayama Kyouka Luxury and Eco Activities for Celebrities at Singapore National Television (Channel News Asia) aired to 20 countries.
  • Released 「auraG l’amour & la paix Series No.1」Perfumes.
  • Started Seminars with「auraG l’amour & la paix Series No.1」Perfumes.
  • Published 「Dreamer The Dreams of Adult People」.
  • Held「Contemporary Art & Perfume Techniques Exhibition」at Kusama Yaoi featuring Kanayama Kyouka~Love and Peace and Fragrance Harmony.
  • Worked for SBS shizuoka Shizuoka Broadcast as the main personality in 「Cosmic K Station ☆Kanayama Kyouka’s Love and peace space Station」.(until 2011)
  • Realeased 「auraG l’amour & la paix Series No.2」Perfumes.
  • Opened 「Bien-Être (Well-Being Life」themeMAISON Kanayama Otowa」
  • Founded Specified non-profit organization Vision K QuatumLeap Academy and assumed its residency.