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Quantum Leap.Academy
For the your future and the future of the Earth
Specified non-profit organization Vision K Quantum Leap.Academy was created to train individuals involved in people’s well-being and happiness as well as to nurture the best environment for such an endeavor.

Vision K holds seminars and training sessions.

Specified non-profit organization Vision K Quantum Leap.Academy carry out seminars and training sessions to form therapists and gastronomists involved in the 「people’s truth and well-being」.
Starting from small-scale information exchange and study sessions, we are active in many fields covering school seminars and overseas research.

Vision K Quantum leap.Academy activities

We hold study sessions and seminars as well as courses for the development of human resources at secretariat locations mainly in Tokyo and Shizuoka and other facilities based in the same areas.

  • Seminars/Arrangement and conducting

    We pursue 「the support of a rich life」through small-scale study sessions for individuals sharing the same aspirations and seminars held by guest top-ranking lecturers.

  • Development of human resources undertaking

    We hold classes to improve skills based on bodywork and esthetic integrated medicine, breathing and meditation techniques.